Research and Consulting

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From our market research services to our landscape and market scanning reports, we offer actionable insights into the different industries, themes and topics that our clients care about.

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Market research

Get critical insights about your company's target audience, market, and competition so you can understand and serve them better.

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Marketing scanning and reports

Our market scanning reports provide an overview of the key players, trends, opportunities and challenges in a specific sector giving you the intelligence to operate successfully.

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Competitive research

We provide research about your competition to help you differentiate your business and succeed.

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Program design and implementation

By leveraging data, we design and implement programs that meet your objectives.

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Strategy development

We provide custom solutions and deep industry insights that help you develop the right strategy to navigate complex business challenges.

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Dealflow and due diligence

Our research services for investors and other entrepreneur support organizations can help build a rich portfolio and pipeline of solid startups.

Thought Leadership

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We leverage our heritage and team of storytellers to help you ideate and craft compelling content which helps you connect with your desired audiences and clients. Our events and reports help you generate leads to grow your business.

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Custom report development

WWe work with our clients to develop reports about the tech ecosystem and digital economy that enable you to showcase your expertise, offering unique perspectives and solutions within your industry.

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Event design and execution

We help position our clients as industry leaders and demonstrated experts in their respective fields through events and digital conversations as they align with their core mandates. We also design and execute custom digital economy-focused events for our clients.

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Thought Leadership Research

Our thought leadership research enables our clients to develop a strategy that aligns with their objectives and needs.

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Storytelling & Industry Engagement

Compelling storytelling to help you connect with your desired target audience and the industry at large.

Data Collection & Analytics

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Our team of research experts, data analysts, data designers, developers and data scientists will work with you to collect, analyze and interpret the data you need.

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Data Collection

Efficient and systematically gathering relevant data points using various methodologies tailored to your specific needs.

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Survey Design

Craft effective survey instruments to collect targeted information and feedback from your audience or market.p>

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Data Analysis and Visualisation

Employ various techniques to analyse big data and condense them into relatable and understandable figures and stories for your readers and audience.


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Our digital and physical events bring key players in African tech together to identify important trends and key drivers for success in this developing ecosystem.

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Comprehensive insights into investment opportunities, deals, and emerging trends within the business and investment landscape in Africa’s tech, aiding stakeholders in informed decision-making and investment strategies.